KKBN Hard Working Man(12.05.18)

Good morning Big Joe.
Are names are  Alice and Maggie and we are 11 month old twins. We would like to nominate our grandpa, John Armstrong, for the hard working man award.  Our grandpa is a retired fire fighter that does not let retirement keep him from busting his booty.  (Can we say that on the air?) Grandpa saved many lives during his career by serving his community as a fire fighter. Being retired doesn’t keep him from helping his community now.  Grandpa sat on the Groveland Board for 8 years, helping his town grow and thrive. Grandpa has a big heart and cares about the lives around him.
Grandpa works very hard at taking care of our family. When we were first born, Grandpa made sure mom and dad had meals for the first 6 months we were here.  Supposedly we were a handful.  He made homemade meals for them just so Mom and Dad wouldn’t miss out on good cooking.  Grandpa is always improving the lives of the family by doing cool stuff like building an arena for mom and the horses, helping mom and dad move into our new home in LaGrange, and making funny faces and noises with us in public.  Grandpa is silly and we love him.  That is why we hope you consider our grandpa, John Armstrong, for the Hard Working Man Contest.
Thank you Big Joe!!
Alice and Maggie (11 months)
(Grandpa and Ally on the left, Grandpa and Maggie on the right)

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