KKBN Hard Working Man (09.28.16)

hwm92816Dennis Ramirez
My hard working mans name is Dennis, we moved back to the valley from Washington only 2 months before our daughter was going to be born. We had NOTHING. No where to go, and no money to start with. This man made sure that within a couple days of us being back here we had a place to live and my 8 month pregnant self had a bed to sleep in. He was at this time getting money however he could, all while applying for jobs that were permanent. He applied for Amazon through a temp agency and got hired! I then went into labor on April 26, he had to start work 2 days later. After spending two sleepless nights in the hospital with me and our newborn daughter he started his new job, ready and willing. He went to work everyday and missed out on precious time with our daughter that most dads get in those first few weeks, but it didn’t matter as long as his girls were taken care of. It has now been 4 months since our daughter was born and he has been converted from that temp agency to a permanent Amazon employee. In that short amount of time he has managed to get us our own house to live in and given our daughter the stability she deserves to know. He comes home after working a 12 hour shift every day; and the first thing he does is wash his hands, gives me a kiss on my forehead, ask me how my day was, and then goes straight to pick up and play with our little girl. Their bond is inseparable. She is fully and completely daddy’s little princess! I could go on and on about this man and the things he has and still sacrifices for our family daily, but I just wanted to let the world know there are still hard working men out there, and mine is surely one of them. I love you baby. Thank you for all that you do.

Krysta Nichole Ramirez


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