KKBN Hard Working Man(5.25.16)


Zachary Rose
I want to nominate my husband Zachary for the hardworking man contest because he goes above and beyond to provide for our family. Zachary works in organ donation and contributes to saving a life every day that he works. He works 12 1/2 hours shifts and commutes 3+ hours a day from Oakdale to the Bay Area. He is the sole provider of our home and although he has to sacrifice so much time with our family, he has given me the opportunity to raise our children and to finish my education. He never complains and although I know he’s exhausted on his days off, he is up bright and early with our children, soaking up every moment he can with them. Our children Caleb 4, Aria 2, and Allison 9 weeks, light up when he walks into the room. We are so blessed to have such a hard working man in our lives and he deserves to be recognized for all that he does today and every day.

Courtney Rose


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