KKBN Hard Working Man(12.16.15)

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I would like to nominate our good friend,Byron Maxon as the hardest working man around.  Byron worked many years as a Diesel mechanic, last with Henley’s in Groveland.  But that isn’t what makes him stand out.  His love and devotion for his wife,Shirley of 38 years,and his sons,Clinton and Clee. No matter what Byron himself may need or want his Family and friends always come first. He cooks,cleans,does laundry,shopping and grandchild chauffeur ing. Day or night, 365 a year,he is always doing for others, myself included. He is the definition of a “Hard working man”.

Byron Maxon and granddaughters,Maddy and Jordan. And of course his truck


Ronda Amos


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