KKBN Hard Working Man #18 (11.06.13)


My dad Ralph Serpa is the most hard working man.. no doubt! Since he
was a teenager he has been working on and fixing anything with a
motor. Not only has he held down the same 40+ hour job at Thompson
Chevrolet in Patterson my whole life, and before, he has always been
the man to call when you need something. When he is not working he is
fixing someone’s car, often mine, he is helping someone move, cut
wood, or anything that anyone requests. He is so hard working he
doesn’t have much time to work on his own toys like his pull truck,
White Lie. He has raised me not by telling me what to do but by
showing me what to do. He has a strong back and a even stronger mind!
He is the hardest working man I know! They don’t make men like my dad


Keryn Serpa


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