KKBN Hard Working Man (11.27.13)



I would love to Nominate my Husband Jason Carnesecca for the Hard working Man Contest!
He Is not only my wonderful loving husband he is an amazing father to 2 wonderful big hearted boys that are just like there dad! Caring, loving and Most of all Hardworking! He really is the meaning of a hard working man! He is a chef/manger at a local restaurant in Angles camp called Sidewinders, He gets up most of the time way before any of us are up and works 10-12hrs that’s day,He dose this 6 days a week! Most people are so tired that they don’t want to do anything after working that much, but not My husband He is right there if you need him. He will play with the boys if they are awake and even asks me if I need help with any thing! He never stops working, on his one day off  he try’s to spend as much time with us as he can, but if someone needs help or there’s something that need to be done around the house he will do it! He always tries his best to do things with the boys, he tries to make it to the school events or games or whatever might be going on, but some times he cant make it to all of them. The boys know that there DAD works hard for them and cant all was be there! I am so blessed that I have this wonderful man in my life that I can count on anytime! That I know will do anything that he needs to do to provide for us!  Most of all that ours sons have a wonderful good hearted Father to look up to, to show them how to be a good person, also to be a hard worker  that appreciates everything that they have earned!! Jason dose not get the acknowledgement that he deserves, He is the most hard working man that I know, He works this hard for our family, to proved for us so we can have the things that we need! This is why I am entering my Husband for the Harding working man award, He truly deserves this! I want to show him that we appreciate how much he works for us!!! KKBN please CONSIDER my  Husband for this award! It would be so nice if his Hard work dose get noticed!



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