Hard Woring Man #20 (11-20-13)

I would like to nominate my husband Matt Ratley for the hard working man contest,
He is a long haul truck driver and is gone for 4 wks. at a time and then is only home for 4 days…he spend all his time out on the road for the last 4 yrs. to try and support myself and our niece that we have been raising…even though he is only home for a few days he still tries to help around the house by cooking, dishes, and laundry while I am at work…he even likes to get up early and try to make breakfast for us before we ever get up in the mornings…I feel he really deserves to be recognized as the hard working man he is…I love him really appreciate all he does for me and the family everyday!
Thank you…and hope to have my hubby picked as one of your hard working men,
Janell Ratley
Sonora, Ca.
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