I’m nominating my amazing hard working fiancé Trent Rudloff. He is such an amazing person inside and out and works so hard to provide for us (his family). We have 4 children ages 5-17 and it’s not an easy thing to provide for such a big family. Trent is an owner operator of a logging truck and hauls for Sierra Pacific Industries. He works a great amount of hours and also is his own mechanic, which means working a lot of weekends to maintain his truck. He averages 13 to 15 hours a day driving that means he gets up on average at 2am and gets home around 5pm. Trent is the most amazing man and I’m so blessed to get to spend my life with him. He is an awesome dad who teaches our kids about hard work ethics, love, devotion, dedication and what it means to be a truly beautiful person inside and out. Trent deserves a lot of recognition for being such a hard working amazing man and we love him.
Thank you love Amy, Ariel, Isaac, Garret and Marshall



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  1. I’m so glad my amazing honey was picked today for hard working man. Trent is a true definition of what a hard working man is, and I’m so proud of him. I love you Trent, thank you for all you do for us…
    Love Amy

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