KKBN Hard Working Man #4 (07.24.13)

I’d like to enter Brad Schultz into the “Hard Working Man” contest.  There are many reasons why I feel that my husband Brad deserves this recognition.  I’d like to start by saying that he has been an amazing husband for 25 years, an incredible father for 24 years to our two amazing children, and a mentor to so many.   Besides working hard and taking great pride in his job with the California Highway Patrol, he finds the time to Mentor High School students with Senior projects, helps with the Every 15 minute Programs, Summerville High School Sober Grad, Sonora High Sober Grad, Coaches Summerville High School Girls Varsity Soccer, Traveling Soccer and oh yes, finds time to Ref every once in a while.  He enjoys teaching the game of soccer, and developing young players into amazing athletes.  If Brad says he will be there for you, he is not kidding… Over the years he has become a father figure to many, always there to offer a helping hand when asked.  The word “Family” goes beyond who we have brought into this world and our “blood” family.  Brad’s heart is big and he never turns away someone in need of a “Dad” figure.  Our door is always open, and even on a limited budget, he never turns anyone away from spending time with us around the dinner table.     I love this man and appreciate the hard work he does for us, for this community, but most of all for his loving heart and dedication to the youth in this County.  Brad, you are more then deserving of this award, I know you don’t like the “spot light” but you deserve it today!   I have attached a few other important messages from some very important people that you have touched along the way.  
“My dad is one of the hardest workers I know, he is always working to make ends meet and provide for our family.  He has taught me so much in my 24 years, and it has meant so much to me that he has let me coach along side of him for the past six years.  Someday I hope that I can be half the coach and father that he is.  I am proud to call him my Dad. 
“You will never find anyone like my dad. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, and never gives up until the job is done. He puts his heart into everything he does. There is no doubt in my mind that he deserves this award. He has touched so many lives and been that father figure to anyone in need. My dad is always willing to help anyone in need even when he may not have the time. Other then being an amazing dad, he is the best coach a player could ever have. He is so dedicated to his players and is always going that extra mile just to help you become a better player. He is a hero in my eyes and will always be the hardest working man I know!
<3 Nicole” 
Brad is more than a hard working man in my eyes, he has become a father figure to me and the worlds best soccer coach. 

Not only did he teach me how to kick a soccer ball and score goals but he showed me the good and bad in life and how to push through times that are hardest.
If anyone deserves this award it is this amazing man. Never once has he put himself before Anyone else. 
I love you brad and thank you for being the best father, bestfriend, and coach to me.
<3 Sallie”

“Brad is someone who no matter what puts others first. He’s always willing to go that extra mile just to help you with what you need. He’s made me the person I am today because he’s always showed me giving up isn’t an option, if you want something you better go out and get it and don’t stop until you get there. He truly doesn’t understand how much of a role model he is to me and so many other people. I love you Brad. This isn’t even slighty explaining what you mean to me but it’s a short start 🙂 love you always. Thanks for being the father figure I have never had. 
<3 Evy”

“Brad is a one of kind.  He loves this community and the kids he mentors.   He works hard and is dedicated to this community, to his family. and also his extended family.  He has the biggest heart and  I  look up to this man.  He is  a roll model and he never gives up.   I call him Pops, because he has been such a positive roll model in my life.  Thank you Pops, for all you have done.”

‘The perfect words do not exist to describe what Brad Schultz means to me.  This man is an awe-inspiring roll model, a reliable friend, a dedicated father, and an exemplary example of what the world needs to be a better place. Brad has always put himself first in the service of others, and with his compassion in leadership guides all that know him on a path of self-betterment.  He has taught me how to be a better man, father, friend and coach without ever having to direct me verbally.   He leads by example with a perfection of actions that makes any individual want to reach Brad’s status.  The greatest part about Brad is that he never realizes just how amazing of an impact he is having on an individual, a group, and a community.  He does not sacrifice himself for his own fulfillment; he does it simply because it is the right thing to do.  
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