KKBN Goodie Of The Week(03/13/13)

One Good Deed

Today’s KKBN Goodie Winner is : DEBBIE ROBINSON

I would like to nominate my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Debbie Robinson, for the goodie award winner.
She is the most giving woman I know, willing to help my husband and I in any way possible, and
I believe she would give me her left arm if I needed it. She also helps to take care of everyone
around her, there is an elderly couple that live across the street that she does grocery shopping for and
picks up their prescriptions. Debbie volunteers with the Women’s Auxiliary of the American Legion Hall
post 108 in Jackson. She is also on the board for the Volcano Theater Company, she is a part of the Native

Daughters and is involved in her community in every possible way. Debbie is an inspiration to all of those

around her with an abundance of energy and incredible smile. She will open her doors and her heart for

anyone in need, and that is why I believe he to be so deserving.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kim Robinson

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