KKBN Pet Of The Week (12/13/11)

This is Tails. She was born without her tail, so we compensated!! She is Black Lab & Great Dane. However, when Tails was 2 weeks old, her biological mother, for unknown reason, attacked her. She was seriously injured & had to be bottle fed. She also suffered from several seizures. But, at 8 months old, she is extremely healthy. Only thing is, she is only 25lbs & her doctor says, that’s as big as she is gonna get. So, we have ourselves a “Miniature Great Dane” Tails’ is a super smart dog. Her list of tricks (for a cookie) is endless.  It includes Roll Over, which she mastered at 4 months old!! She is a great dancer & a very loyal friend. She loves kids & immediately takes on the responsibility of any great baby sitter!! She is a member of the Mata/Hartman family & we are so proud of her!! 

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