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KKBN Pet of The Week(12.31.13)


Kristmas, Bella and little miss Sunshine….


Katryna Hunt


KKBN Pet of The Week (12.24.13)



My name is Darlene Warren and I live in Sonora…We named this kitty Flash..We do not know who owns him but he has decided to own us..He is sneaking in our kitty door and sleeping under our Christmas tree. Every morning he is here to eat and get love..So I guess we belong to him…He is very friendly but our cat Henry is not amused..But Flash doesn’t care he ignores Henry’s warnings and sleeps where he wants.


KKBN Pet of The Week(12.17.13)



Hey Big Joe and Bridgette

I want to nominate my dog Bella for pet of the week. she is a American bull dog and the friendliest dog you will ever meet in your lift and she also is in love with my son tyler. she is loyal and loving that is why she sould be pet of the week.


KKBN Pet of The Week(12.10.13)


Meet Gary Barker!

Hi big Joe and Bridgette. This is my dog Gary. He is a four year old Heinz 57 mutt. He looks like lab,heeler,and pit mix. He loves the snow and playing fetch and running along side our mt  bikes and doing tricks. He also loves being tucked in.

Sandra Spaulding


KKBN Pet of the Week (12-3-13)

Meet Obi! Attached are pictures of a quite handsome (and extra large) German Shepherd.  Obi will be 4 in December and weighs 135 lbs. He enjoys hiking in the Sierras, playing with kids, and knows a ton of tricks. He is truly a special (and very handsome) dog. We hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Mary & John
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