KKBN Pet of The Week(05.10.16)


Hello this is our sweet border collie Amber and my little wennie dog Bandit , bandit is 11 years old and amber at the time of this photo was 3 months old…..she is now 1 year …

 Thank you,

Rhonda Coville

KKBN Pet of The Week(5.3.16)


Hi my name is Marlee O’Flinn sometimes people call me Marty , I love to go hiking and to play fetch. My mom Tyler O’Flinn is my best friend , she takes me everywhere with her sometimes even into Walmart which is my favorite place to go because I like all the attention I get from everyone ! I’m a very loved dog with a very big personality and a even bigger heart .

Tyler O’Flinn

KKBN Pet of The Week(04.26.16)



These are our pet baby gray squirrels, Emma, Beardsley and Donnells. Just a few months old. My boyfriend, Jake Fuller, rescued them from a dead tree he was taking down. They’re full of energy as they will follow us around the house, crawl up and down anything they can. They’re so friendly and love anyone that holds them, I never thought they’d be such cute good pets.

Evonne Meckler