KKBN Pet of The Week(02.13.18)

This is Kitty- he’s a party all night and sleep all ( well, most of the day) day kind of cat. His occupation is catching mice, rats,  lizards and  moles.  His hobbies are teasing his adoptive siblings and playing in the sink.
Ruby Hesseltine




KKBN Pet of The Week(01.30.18)

This Is Bear! We would Love to Nominate This Big Bag of Sexiness For “Pet Of the Week” He’s The Most Loving, Loyal Boy We Know!  All of Our Neighbors Just Adore Him and know him by Name, He Makes His Rounds For Treats as you can Tell…LOL Never Late To The Dinner Table, Never late For Curfew and Goes Straight To Bed every Nite without a Fight! We Just Adore this Big Bag of Bones!  Vote For Bear Bear!

Amy Williams



KKBN Pet of The Week(01.23.18)


This is our new puppy Tank! He is currently learning all kinds of new things as a growing puppy, including how to chew the furniture!  We welcomed him to our home in October.  He meets us after work with a bark and a wagging tail. We look forward to all kinds of fun with him in the coming years


Paul and Alissa Armas