KKBN Pet of The Week(05.01.18)

Hello, my name is Cleo and I am 7-years old British shorthair tomcat. I love being cuddled and  I like playing with my toys. I am also very curious and loving cat. I follow my owner everywhere, especially when I wanna eat. 😀

owner: Zuzana Fabová


KKBN Pet of The Week(04.17.18)

This is Alfred (pig) and Bandit (kitten)

The two immediately became best friends as soon as they first met. Alfred and Bandit LOVE to sun bathe together and Bandit loves to play with Alfred’s curly tail. Alfred is always in a good mood when Bandit is around.


Leandra Steenkamp



KKBN Pet of The Week(04.03.2018)

Representing the red hat ladies of Tuolumne co. And ready for Easter 😉 my Dozer is amazing,  he not only is my savior but my best friend, I was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and he has truly helped me through my struggle.. PLEASE choose him for pet of the WEEK;)
Thank you
Wendy M.