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KKBN Pet of The Week(9.23.14)

pow92314Bram is a 5 yr old Airedale terrier who weighs 120 pounds. We brought him from Prairie City Oregon as a puppy, he is mischevious and is known as the Robin Williams of dogs. He keeps us laughing constantly. He thinks he is a lap dog and likes to sit on your lap! He will fetch the newspaper from the bottom of our driveway for a treat, knows several tricks and loves long hikes. He adores children and is antagonized by the local squirrels. Just a week ago I saw him in pursuit of a black bear who was growling ferociously, he did not catch it of course! Bram is the best dog we have ever owned, his nickname is ” Pooky Wilson”

Lyne Hildreth


KKBN Pet Of The Week(9.16.14)


This is Desi, She is 5.5 lbs and is a yorkie. Born September 15, 2012.
Thank you for considering my baby girl.
Lucy Heelon


KKBN Pet of The Week(9.9.14)


This is Ron. He is one of the many feral cats around Sonora that I was lucky enough to come across at work when he was a kitten. I feed and worked with him for over a year before I was finally able to bring him home to be apart of our family. Now he spends his days hanging out in the yard and climbing trees ( higher than I would like at times :) ) so glad he trusted me enough to be the human in his life.


Jyl Cabral


KKBN Pet of The Week(9.2.14)

Madgey helping me do laundry!
Madgey my 6 month old bulldog who has Spina Bifida <3
The Davis Family

KKBN Pet of The Week(8.26.14)



My name is Heidi Miller, this is my creepy looking dog! Her name is Charlie she is a house dog and her best friend is a cat. She is 3yrs old and she is a chihuahua.

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