KKBN Pet of the Week 08.20.2019

May I introduce Mr. No Mo.

He is a real gift from Heaven. I already had two rescue kitties and another companion cat in my shop. Her name was Stella.

Everyone was trying to give more kittens and cats. I kept telling them “No Mo Cats”! I have been around and loved cats for over eighty years. No Mo showed up one evening, looking for a hand-out. I told him to go home. Next morning and evening, he was here, still looking for something to eat. Told him again to go home. Next morning, I gave in. I told him he must be the “No Mo Cat” I have been talking about. The name stuck.

He spent his days in the shop with Stella and me and was a real blessing for Stella. He would jump into her bed and wash her from Nose to toes. He would also bring her dead mice, birds, lizards etc. She couldn’t eat any of those yummy gifts. I had to wait until no one was looking to ditch the “goodies”. A month later, Stella was diagnosed with cancer.  My Vet and I did all that we could for her, but she lost her battle. No Mo was just devastated, wandering around and meowing for her. We both were suffering from broken hearts. I had Stella for many years. She was almost 19 when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.

I finally started taking No Mo into the house at night. The first night, he walked in, grabbed the special needs rescue kitty and washed him from nose to toes and has kept him neat and clean ever since. This relieved me from one of my daily chores of cleaning up “Stinky”.

I have been truly blessed!

Gail “Cat Mom” Forrester, Murphys

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KKBN Pet of the Week 08.13.2019

Sir Maximus Fatty Pants… aka Max for short.

He is a 13 week old Malamute and Husky mix.

He already loves the water and playing with his adopted mommy dog Viada who is a rescue puppy.

He is a very loving and mellow pup.

Megan and Gage


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KKBN Pet Of The Week 08.06.2019


This is Patchy Girl!

She is about 5 years old and has a spit-fire of personality. I rescued her from an on ramp to freeway in Merced when she was probably 6 – 8 weeks old.

We first thought her to be a him (I don’t know why we just assumed, lol) until my boyfriend’s mom pointed out that he, was in-fact a She! There were great laughs and as it turns out, Patchy Girl is my little tomboy dog, lol.

She loves her little belly rubbed, hates baths but loves to run fast around the house afterwards. She growls at me when she wants to be held while walking around house. She is also my brave little house guard, making sure there is no riff-raff hanging about.

Tug of War is her favorite game and, yes, she loves to ride in the car. I think she is very deserving of the prestigious title, Pet of The Week!!

Thank You – Yvonne

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KKBN Pet of the Week 07.30.2019


I would like to nominate my 3 and a half year old Labrador, Bailey. She was one of 6 puppies and she picked my fiancé and I to be her parents when she was just a little thing!

She loves cuddling during bedtime and can play fetch all day, or just about as long as mom and dad allow! Can’t wait for summertime so she can go swimming at the river/lake.

This big girl has a lot of spirit and constantly wags her tail no matter her mood, we like to tell her she has a happy butt!

Thank you!

Bailey’s human mom, Skylar



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KKBN Pet of the Week 07.23.2019


This is our Border Schnollie, Tut.

He is 3 and the most wild loving pup ever. He loves to chase balls and tear apart boxes.

I could leave for 3 hours and he will pout while I am gone and cry like a crazy man when I come home like he hasn’t seen me in days.

Thank you for considering him.



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