KKBN Pet Of The Week 02.18.2020


I would like to submit my kitty Stella for the Pet of the Week.

I rescued Stella as a tiny stray kitten. She is now a 12-year-old special loving kitty.

She mostly wants to be held like a baby and loves a long tummy rub.

She will play with a toy only while watching herself in a mirror.

Stella sleeps on her back with legs up in the air. She is a perfect joy and just wants to be loved

Thank you!

Kim Parker


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KKBN Pet of the Week 02.11.2020

Breezer & Buddy

I would like to nominate Breezer for pet of the week. She is like our child.

She loves to go on rides with us in her car seat, she loves her treats, she loves to go shopping with us and she loved her brother Buddy.

Buddy was a wonderful child to us. I called him my “Buddy Guard” because he was. He was a pure breed Schipperke and he literally was next to me everywhere. If someone got to close to me, he would bite the back bottom part of the pants and pull them away from me.

Breezer & Buddy were very close. Unfortunately, someone poisoned Buddy & he went to Heaven.

Whenever we are traveling & we give Breezer a treat she will put the treat in the back seat where Buddy used to sit.


Anna Marie Walls and Frank Verbeck Sr.


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KKBN Pet of the Week 02.04.2020


This is Punkin, he 14 years old.

Despite him being quite sick when I took him in 3 years ago. He is now living his best life.

He’s such a gentle soul that waits for me to arrive home daily so he can snuggle up with me.

If I walk to another room, he will follow.

He makes for the cutest shadow and the best pet!

Shauna Ginn



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KKBN Pet of the Week 01.21.2020

Hey John,

This is our kitten Daisy.

She is 3 months old and wants to grow up to be like Simba from the Lion King.

She likes to play with her jingle ball and stare at ceiling fans. She is very curious and always wants to pounce on everything!

Thank you for keeping us entertained in the morning while we get ready for the day!

Allison Shewfelt

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KKBN Pet of the Week 01.14.20

Hello! I would like to nominate my very special dog Charlie for your Pet of the Week contest.

I adopted Charlie from the Humane Society in December, he had been there for quite a long time, over a year. If I had to speculate it would be because he is a Pit Bull.

Charlie is such a special dog; he had a rough start when we first brought him home but after a lot of love and patience, he has really opened up to us and has become the biggest goof ball!

He loves toys and is learning how to play fetch with his favorite ball I hope you will consider him, I mean, how can you resist that one blue eye right??

Michelle Battaglia

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