KKBN Pet Of The Week 03.31.20

Hi KKBN Friends and Family,

My name is Chloee Doodles

And I want to give everyone my best Tuesday morning smile!!

My mamma says I’m a big girl and I love to show my Pearlie whites!! I love going for walks, going to the beach and just about any adventure. I help my mamma when she’s sick I make her feel better with lots of smiles an snuggles!

I lost my mamma Yorkie, Tallulah. in July she crossed the rainbow bridge, she was my best friend.

My mamma and I adopted a new friend for me because I was so sad! Her name is Wiley and she has been having a difficult time adjusting, (her last family hurt her, and she was homeless) I’ve been a big girl and have helped her a lot by sharing my mamma, toys, bed and my family. She gets angry sometimes and bites me, but I’m still helping her, she’s my friend!

My mamma says I deserve to be Pet of the week because I’ve been a Real Trooper and I still love everyone!!

Thank you for considering me!


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KKBN Pet of the Week 03.24.20

I’d like you to meet my “Jax”

He has to be the sweetest kitty ever!

He was left on my porch 2 1/2 years ago.

I didn’t really want a cat. But he chose me! And now he is my best buddy, he loves everyone.

My friends call him my cat dog! He wants to play ball and he sits n stands for treats. Fun fact, Jax has a purse fetish and gets in my friend’s purses to snoop then sleep.

But best of all he is a cuddly love, the Smartest sweetest most lovable animal I’ve known so of course he should be pet of the day, the week and month…lol he is THAT Cool!!

Thank you,

Jodi Harris


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KKBN Pet of the Week 03.10.20

Barf and Daisy Mae


I would like to nominate my 2 senior friends. Daisy Mae 19 3/4 and Barf 11.5.

They are best friends enjoy sunbathing together.  Barf (named for the character in Space Balls) loves children, long jogs and car rides in his car seat. Barf is so kind, full of love and also a great watch dog. He is also my ESA for my PTSD so he goes everywhere with me.

Barf and Daisy Mae are such good friends. Barf loves Daisy Mae so much he gave her his spot on the couch.

They would love to be pet of the week

Michelle Stotts


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KKBN Pet of the Week 03.03.2020


This is Bill.


Bill is the love of my life. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old, now he is 7.

We’ve lived in 4 different states together and gone on numerous road trips, he loves being my shotgun rider in the car.

Bill always turns heads wherever we go because of his heartwarming energy and loving personality. He is so friendly.

Besides cuddling and taking naps, he loves coming to work with me and being the companionship, my residents yearn for. He brings the biggest smiles to their faces. They love him.

“Happiness is only real, when shared” -Into the Wild

And I’ve found most of my happiness with Bill.

-Elizabeth Hutson

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