KKBN Pet Of The Week 05.28.2019

This my dog Snickers Haro…. he is 1.5 year old Chocolate Tri Border Collie.

Snickers is my side kick. We go on adventures together, exploring California’s nature and hanging out with other dogs. When we are at home Snickers loves learning new tricks. He knows eight tricks so far but his favorite is “bang bang” which is play dead. He loves kick ball, fetch, find it, tug and swimming.

Snickers is my best friend and the love of my life!

I would be humble if you chose him as pet of the week!

Anne Haro

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KKBN Pet of the Week 05.21.2019

This is Kujo Van Hellsing.

Kujo is an 8-year-old Pitbull mix. Kujo overall has always been the more laid-back type preferring to lounge around and chew on sticks instead of fetching them.

He enjoys lounging in the sun, and long car rides. He strongly dislikes baths, and the leaf blower.

Kujo is a good boy.


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KKBN Pet Of The Week 05.14.2019

This is Latrell.

Latrell is about 9 months and is the most handsome boy ever. He is the king of the household.

He loves to cause mischief around the house. Latrell also LOVES to show off his good looks.

He is most famous for eating an almond and landing him 3 days in the vet.

He’s now known as Almond Joy!



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KKBN Pet of the Week 05.07.2019

Meet Zack. A 7 month old terrier mix pup, who is currently awaiting his forever home at the Friends of the Animal Community adoption center.

He loves playing with all the other dogs and even enjoys snuggles with the resident cat, but most of all he loves his people and will go with you anywhere.

He is patiently waiting for his perfect family. Until then he will continue to be his happy little self, spreading love as far as his furry little legs will let him.




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