KKBN Goodie Award Winner (02/29/12)

Lou is my grandpa and a great guy, He has helped raise me and has retired from working at Wal-Mart, but he goes out of his way to repair things around his apartment complex and at a local laundry mat. Lou helps his elderly neighbor out a lot and he’s my papa. I love him a whole lot and I hope that he wins this award because he is well deserving of it.


Lou wins a $25 gift card to Books and More in Angels Camp…”You’ll Always Get More at Books and More”

 Kya France

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KKBN Goodie (02/22/12)

Congrats to this weeks KKBN Goodie Award Winner: Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller

Leslie goes to our church a Greeley Hill Baptist Church, in Greeley Hill. She is very giving and a great mom.  Just here recently Leslie took over a program called Community connections which provides food for our community.  She does this with a faithful and happy heart.  If she had not taken over it was going to close down.  Thank you Leslie for the great job you do and thank you for being a friend and sister in the Lord.

 Sara and Kevin Castle

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The KKBN Goodie Award (02/15/12)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner” Raquell Van Vleck

Through painstaking effort she gives of herself for the horses out at ReHorse Rescue.  She was overheard saying this past week that “Even if a horse is only out there a day, that horse deserves to know that somebody loved them”  I think that is so cool.  She continues to go & go sometimes without food.  We had to get on her last year because she would forget to drink.  If she passes out, who takes care of the horses?  Kind hearted, patient (even with volunteers), faithfully devoted to helping anyone she can, I nominate her for this prestigious position.  Thanks.

Lori Kezis

KKBN Goodie Award (02/08/12)

Linda Bryan is an amazing person, mother and grandmother. She has been practically raising her grandchildren who are 1 and 3 1/2 since they were born to insure that they have nothing but the best and are always happy plus she already raised and home schooled her own twin children. Linda goes above and beyond to be an amazing person everyday and to give everyone around her everything she can even when times are tough. Anyone who knows her is a lucky person!!!

She’s a stay at home mother and grandmother.

Kayla Bryan

KKBN Goodie Of The Week (02/01/12)

Reason why you think this person should be nominated for the KKBN Goodie Award Debra Paz is my daughter, she is the best, she has two jobs, one at Jamestown school, she is teacher aid for kindergartner class, and at chicken ranch bingo, she takes care of her 3 children, 12,9,2,and her husband of 15 years, she is always helping out others, when she can, she loves kids, and is always there for them. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter, she makes me proud of her.

Charlene Bayers