KKBN Hard Working Man 12.29.21

Charles Dickie Williams


Charles Dickie Williams and I have 6 kids all together.  

He does tree service, lot clearing and snow removal.  But for me I see so much more; what he does for people every day, always helping friends including myself. He made sure I stayed warm last year when I was a single mom. He checked on my son every day when he was sick, he even brought me chairs for Christmas knowing that I really needed some for my table.  

He is always listening offering advice to those who need him any day or time and whenever he is late home from work, I know it’s because he is helping a senior loading groceries, visiting a friend who is struggling, fixing something for someone, helping family or just checking in on them.  

He never stops, he comes home chops wood for us, always talks to me about the kids, helps me run errands, fixes my car, builds us a fire, goes to every sports practice.   He is an amazing father and has completely turned his life around for his children.  

I could not be prouder to have this man by side and watching him work so hard every day even through loosing so many close people to him this last year.  

He the strongest man I know. So, I want him and everyone else to know what a hardworking man he really is.  

Katlin Miley


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