KKBN Hard Working Man 09.04.2019

Frankie Verbeck

Dear KKBN!

We would like to nominate the most incredible, most awesome, and truly epic co-worker extraordinaire; Frankie Verbeck for the Hard Working Man.

Frankie tirelessly leads the Facilities and Land Management team at Chicken Ranch Rancheria with pride and dedication, always stepping up to a challenge.

Not only is he a team player, he never hesitates to help someone in need – literally 24 hours a day. We aren’t even sure he ever takes a day off, although we’ve seen pictures that provide evidence that, when he is not answering to our every beck and call, he is making incredible memories with his son, family and friends.

We want to acknowledge and give him the recognition he deserves and are grateful to work alongside such a bighearted, co-worker and human being.

Thank you, Frankie, for always going the extra mile! You’re the best!

We love you Man!

The Office Girls


Winners receive gifts from our sponsors:

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