KKBN Pet Of The Week 08.06.2019


This is Patchy Girl!

She is about 5 years old and has a spit-fire of personality. I rescued her from an on ramp to freeway in Merced when she was probably 6 – 8 weeks old.

We first thought her to be a him (I don’t know why we just assumed, lol) until my boyfriend’s mom pointed out that he, was in-fact a She! There were great laughs and as it turns out, Patchy Girl is my little tomboy dog, lol.

She loves her little belly rubbed, hates baths but loves to run fast around the house afterwards. She growls at me when she wants to be held while walking around house. She is also my brave little house guard, making sure there is no riff-raff hanging about.

Tug of War is her favorite game and, yes, she loves to ride in the car. I think she is very deserving of the prestigious title, Pet of The Week!!

Thank You – Yvonne

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