KKBN Hard Working Man 06.12.2019

Trevor Brown

I nominate my amazing husband, Trevor, because he is the hardest working man (heck – hardest working human!) that I’ve ever known.

We have 3 children – 7,9, and 6 weeks old at home. He works full time as a foreman installing solar/electrical work. When he gets home, he dives right into helping with the kids – whether it’s homework, baseball practice, impromptu Nerf gun wars, or holding the baby so I can get a shower in! Not to mention all the projects he does around our house. Did I mention he built in a nursery room for our newest addition over 2 weekends (because nesting instincts kicked in real good), completely renovated our backyard by himself, fixes everything that goes wrong at the house, and never complains about any of it? Seriously – and he rubs my feet at night!

Trevor has the best attitude, truly loves his family, and is the best role model for our children – especially our 2 boys. I don’t know how I landed this man – but he is a beyond hard working man! He would do just about anything for his family. I’m proud to be his wife!

Kristy Brown


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