KKBN Hard Working Man(11.30.16)


Stacy James Mackey is a hard working husband, father of 3 grown children and grandfather of 2 and 1 on the way. He has been a builder of custom homes for many years in CA and in ID. He works for J Hart Plumbing in Sonora now. Stacy is always there for a friend or family member in need. He can be counted on in any situation. He wakes up with a smile and is always eager to start his day early. He is thoughtful and loving to his family and his friends are lucky to have such a loyal and steadfast friend. He starts his day early and ends it well after most people have gone home for the day.

Mary Mackey

Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″



 Nates Tree Service serving all tri counties No job too big no job too small”


And Dr Jose Barajas DC Call 536-9182


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