KKBN Hard Working Man(02.24.16)


Ben Andrews
My husband (of one month on February 25th!), Ben Andrews, absolutely deserves the title “Hard Working Man.” I don’t even know where to start. Not only does he work extremely hard at his full time job at Armstrong- Clark Company, he is also an outstanding husband and father. He does so much for us!
We have been together for eight years and are raising 4 beautiful children together. When Ben and I first got together I had a one and four year old and he has been there for them as a father since day one. We also have two children together that are now five and three years old. Ben is such an involved, amazing dad. Wether it be dance lessons, sporting and school events, playing catch outside, shooting hoops with them, building skateboard ramps, showing them the coolest flip on the trampoline, watching their home fashion shows, giving guitar and snowboarding lessons, pony rides through the house, or “airplane” before bed, Ben is there, excited about it and encouraging. He is the best dad ever.
In the cold winter months Ben is up extremely early building a fire so the house is comfortable when the rest of us get up. The kids and I wake up to a warm house with coffee brewed and, often breakfast made! And my favorite coffee mug? Always washed and ready for me to use. It’s the little things and Ben pays attention to every detail. Did I mention that he makes dinner for us every night? I must add that he makes the absolute best burgers I have ever had!
Ben knows how loved and appreciated he is but I would love to give him the recognition he deserves. He doesn’t need much in this life to be happy. He is a grateful, generous, loving, optimistic, compassionate human being. He has taught me so much. Ben is incomparable.


Monica Tufts


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