KKBN Hard Working Man(3.11.15)



Andy Chase
Of all the people I could think to nominate for the Hard Working Man, it would have to be my honey Andy Chase.  He is the most selfless person I know. Not only does he put in his full days work of construction and pest management everday, he still works hard after hours. For the past month he has been working tirelessly after work until dark, even with a work light on, and on weekends tearing out our old deck to put in a nice patio and trying to have it done for our daughters third birthday BBQ. He is always on call for friends and family to help with anything (from electrical, family car mechanic, advice on home repairs to helping working with his dad and brother on any projects they have going), always putting off what he may need to get done to help others. When my sisters car makes a funny noise, she calls him and he always make time to listen and diagnose 🙂 And at the end of the day he always makes time to play with our daughter or read her a bed time book. He has the !
biggest and most generous heart out there. I greatly appreciate your time for considering him and I think he well deserves the Hard Working Man award.
From: The Mrs.



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