KKBN Pet Of The Week (01/31/12)

A Big KKBN Congrats to Kakao..our KKBN Pet Of The Week!  Check out the story behind our winner!

Kakao is a 6 year old Dutch Sheppard who is truly the best dog-friend ever! Not only is she well trained and responsive to voice commands, she is the best companion on long day hikes to the top of Sierra mountain peaks (as pictured on top of the Dardanelle’s in July, 2011). With her doggie-pack on her back, she abounds with excitement at every opportunity to hit the track!

She is obsessed with tennis balls. There isn’t a place she goes without one in her mouth, hoping to awe some sucker into playing fetch. She will run miles and leap off rocks, never tiring to fetch her catch (such as she is pictured here at Cherry Lake in June, 2011.)

Despite she has four legs, she can swim like a fish. If there’s water, combined with a stick, she will be happy for hours.  She is one dog that keeps me from being lazy and continues to love me like crazy!

Kakao is certainly one-of-a-kind and in my mind, the best dog-friend one can find!

Submitted by:

Christine Meyers,Twain Harte, CA

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