Take This Job….

Today is National Bosse’s Day…let’s find out if we have a good boss or a donkey!  Here’s a Top 10


Top 10 Things That Make a Great Boss

1. Shows appreciation of subordinates’ efforts — verbally, written, and monetarily!

2. Has realistic expectations that are clearly expressed.

3. Is friendly and kind but keeps a professional distance.

4. Doesn’t pile on the work simply because he/she doesn’t feel like doing it.

5. Shares credit for a job well done, but also accepts blame when appropriate.

6. Is understanding about the occasional personal problem.

7. Good at setting priorities and sticking to them.

8. Willing to listen to subordinates’ ideas of new ways to do things.

9. Has a good sense of humor. Doesn’t mind occasional joking around in the office and isn’t too serious about everything.

10. Remembers what it’s like to be one of the little people.

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