This Week’s Goodie is….(9/07/11)

Congratulations to this week’s Good Neighbor:  DIANA LOPEZ


I nominate Dianna Lopez for the Goodie Award.

Dianna is a very outgoing an caring person. She volunteers in our community for just about everything. She volunteered to be our HOA Events Committee Chairperson and she does a beautiful job of decorating our hall for all the occasions.She also does most of the cooking for all the parties. She works herself so hard that I worry about her.  She donates a lot of stuff for our events all the time.She also has taken time out of her day to cook my family some meals while I have been recovering from a broken leg. And let me tell you she is an awesome cook!

 Dianna took my kids and I out on the lake in her pontoon boat just so I could get out and enjoy the lake she also treated us to a pic nick lunch on the boat. The kids got to fish and swim and they enjoyed every minute. Dianna is a very honest, caring, loving and giving person, so I am nominating Dianna Lopes for the Goodie Award. I am blessed to have such a good friend. Dianna is very dear to me and my family.

 Thank You, Natalie Serrano       

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