KKBN Pet Of The Week(06/28/11)

Congratulations to these little winners for more than just the picture.  These birds were about to be homeless or even worse.  Here’s the story:

We saved these tiny Stellar Jays from a fate worse than death when construction forced us to move their nest – we took the chance that their parents would disown them.  Fear not, after a racket of a search party on Friday, Mama and Papa found their young ones and were soon feeding them – amidst the clang of hammers and drills.  The nest is within two feet of our outdoor dining area, everyone is quite happy with the arrangement!  We think the Mama and Papa know that somehow they can totally trust us – but they take great precaution to make sure no other creature in the trees around us sees them go to the nest!  Great parents and darling little ones!

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