KKBN Pet Of The Week (05/31/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet Of The Week Winner!  This is one special Kitty and his name is Andy

Attached is a picture of my nomination for Pet of the Week.  This cat is a true Native Son of the Golden West:  He is CFA Grand Premier, Regional Winner DBCat’s Andy Warcurl, a brown tabby & white American Curl. 

 American Curls are the only naturally occuring NATIVE California pedigreed cat.  The original American Curl was a stray named Shulamith, with these unusally curled ears.  It turned out that the curl-gene is dominant, and ALL American Curls can trace their ancestry back to Shulamith.  She is Andy’s 3 times great-grandmother.

 Andy is not only a show cat, but a lap cat, too:  He wants to be with his people, whatever they are doing.  He also likes to sleep with a person, which is nice on cold evenings, but a bit much when it is a hot night.  Andy lives in Oakdale with his owners, Dianna & Bruce Clark.

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