KKBN Pet Of The Week (05/24/11)


Congratulations to the coolest dog in the Mother Lode! Meet FACE!

This is my dog, Face!! Face has a personality of a human, even though she is a pitbull & boxer mix. She is a very gentle & always says Hi to our guests!! She will be 10 years old in October this year. We have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Anyone that knows her, knows that she is one of a kind & loves her for it. She enjoys water more then anything else & has been known to clean up trash & debris out of the lake. She helps keep our lakes clean, as much as the rest of us. She also enjoys diving for rocks under the water, on occasion even scares me, because she’s been under too long!! Face is an amazing girl!!

Sarah R. Campbell

Sonora, CA

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  1. Momma is so proud of you Face!! You are the best ever!! I love you & miss you SOOOO MUCH Face!! You are my baby girl!!

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