KKBN Goodie Award Winner (02/02/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner!  Check out the nomination letter. 

Norman “Hank” Morrison

On the 3rd of Aug our lives where changed in a way every Parent has nightmares about. Our Son, SPC Cody James Moore passed away at Ft Knox, Ky. We were notified JUST like in the movies. The military van pulled up, then the SGT and Chaplain walked to the door. I am a member of a Semi-secret Gentleman’s Historical Society and not even a local Chapter. I talked my Wife into going to our FIRST night out. To your local Chapter of E Clampus Vitus, Chapter 1849 “Matuca” Widder’s Ball. Hank and the Brothers treated us like GOLD. In fact? We arrived early into Sonora and walked around Washinton St and the people were absolutely amazing! Our Society was set up just for this reason, I have always been the Supporter, I was taught by this amazing man and his members how it feels to be supported. I am in awe and will never be able to re-pay this debt of honor.  

David “Irish” Moore

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