Goodie Award Winner (12/01/10)


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner: Madlen Riddle

Here’s the nomination letter

Our Bank Manager recently did a very nice Act of kindness for a complete stanger  that came into our Bank. Richard from Atascadero was visiting a friend in Neveda and left there forgetting his wallet and all of his credit cards. He stop in Jamestown to get gas and realized he had nothing to purchase gas or food with. He decided to stop at the Umpqua Bank in Jamestown to see if there was anything that the Bank could do for him. After exploring many options Madlen decided to loan him the money herself to get him home. Richard promised to return the money and kept that promise. He  also wrote a letter to the Editor of the Union Democrat. Madlen is always doing good things for everyone we truly love and appreciate her here in Jamestown.

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