Goodie Award (10/20/10)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner: Doug Rocky

Doug Rocky

I Nominate Doug Rocky of Copperopolis for the Goodie of the week award. This man is kind and friendly to everyone. Rocky went far and above the act of kindness this week.

 My name is Natalie Serrano and on October 4th 2010 I was down at the Copper Town Square Building a Haunted House to have open for the whole month of October so I could raise money for the Copperopolis Elem. School 6th graders to go to the Science Camp I wanted to give 50% to the school and the other 50% would go to help build a Neighbor hood park with black top trails and equipment so our children will have a safe place to ride there bikes and a place where wheelchair bound can get outside  and enjoy the trails in the park. Well I have been putting this Park in motion for over a year now Its a very slow process.

 On October 4th my dreams came crashing down on me. I was in the Haunted house hanging Black lights when I think I lost my balance and fell 6 or 7 feet to the floor I broke my ankle ( compound fractures) I was taken to the hospital by ambulance the next thing I remember I woke up and it was October 7th I had been put on a breathing machine and I was in ICU. Apparently I had developed ARDS. a lung diease brought on by the accident.

  I’m scheduled for more surgery in the near future, Looks like I’m stuck in a wheelchair my self for a while.

 Doug Rocky came to my rescue on Saturday Oct 15 the day after I was re least from the Hosp. Doug Rocky built me a ramp so I could get in and out of my home. He used his own wood and supplies my husband only had to buy some plywood.Doug put all his plans on hold so he could build the ramp for us. Doug would not except money for building the ramp. Doug has been helping people in our community for as long as I can remember. Doug is a true Friend and I would just love to see him get the Goodie Award.

   Thank you Natalie Serrano   

Handie Man Rocky

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