Goodie Award (3/17/10)

This week’s Good Neighbor was nominated more than any other nominee in the history of the KBBN Goodie Award! Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner, John Hard! Here’s the Nomination letters!

Goodie award
I just heard about your award and wanted to nominate a fellow employee at summerville hs…John Hard. He is a very good worker and goes out of his way to help everyone…even when it is not a part of his job. He always is happy to be at work, spends countless hours above and beyond doing little things to make our school a better place and when asked how he is doing he usually replies with something very positive like…”just living the dream!!!” Thanks for the consideration. Debbie Mager

goodie award

I nominate John Hard for the goodie award for tomorrow 1/12. It is his 50th birthday. He is a custodian at Summerville High School, and besides keeping our campus clean, he is always ready to help in any way with a smile on his face. He truly cares for the bears!

goodie award

Last night I attended the Acadec team’s fundraiser. It was a great event and the student athlete’s were able to raise over $3000 to help cover the kids’ expenses for this weekend’s State competition in Sacramento. I participated in the silent auction bidding and noticed that John Hard’s beautiful, framed original pencil drawing earned the most for the kids at $120. For the past few years John has been generously donating his framed artwork to various school and community events. He is a very talented yet humble man and I think he deserves to be honored with your Goodie award. I have taught here at Summerville High for 33 years, John was my student (back in 1978) and he now works at Summerville keeping our campus clean. Thank you for encouraging your listeners to acknowledge the good actions of our fellow Tuolumne county folks.

Goodie award for friday

Hey Big Joe. My name is Ed Holgerson and i would like to nominate John Hard for the goodie award. he is the unsung hero of Summerville High School. Last night(Tuesday March 9) John hand drew an amazing picture of the Klavey River Train Bridge and auctioned it off at the Academic Decathalon benifit dinner for their trip to the state compotition. His drawling brought in an astonishing 150 dollars for his 8×10 pencil drawling. setting his artistic genius aside, he is one of the head maintenence personel on our campus at Summerville. He enjoys his job and is very personable once you get to know him. He enjoys making jokes and talking with many of the students. He is truely the unsung hero of Summerville High School and I believe that he deserves to be the Goodie award winner of Friday March 12.

If you’d like to nominate someone for the KKBN Goodie award, send us your nomination letter today by going to our contact page and sending us your email to Big Joe! The Goodie is brought to each week by JS West Ace Hardware

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