Goodie Award(

Time to announce this week’s Good Neighbor Award.  Congratulations to Sabrina Harwell!  Here’s the nomination letter:

Thanks to my mom
(Sabrina Harwell) my mom has been so busy with teaching at Jamestown Elm.
School and still helping out with Tuolumne County Special Olympics that I
would like to thank her for all the things she STILL does for me in her free
time. She definitely knows how to multi task. She’s my hero & I love her. (:
(if you could give a shout out I’d appreciate it)
Shianne Harwell

If you’d like to nominate someone for the KKBN Goodie award, send us your nomination letter today by going to our contact page and sending us your email to Big Joe!  The Goodie is brought to each week by JS West Ace Hardware

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