Mr Breakfast


Since being on the “Getting Thin In 2010” Program, I’ve been trying to explore new things to keep from getting bored.  Last night, I wanted a hard boiled egg for a snack. (Thank goodness I live alone)  I can’t remember ever making hard boiled eggs, so I wasn’t sure how long to boil, so I jump online to find the answer and stumbled across this very cool website called Mr. Breakfast.  I looked around awhile and found this to be a great source for everything breakfast!   Thousands of Breakfast recipes, breakfast restaurants, Breakfast Research, Breakfast for the Brain, Videos and more!  Ever hear of omelettes in a bag?  Me neither, but it sounds fun and easy enough that even I could make it!

Momma always said, ” Breakfast is The Most Important Meal of The Day”, right?  So take a minute to check out Mr. Breakfast and make your Momma proud!

Have a great day!

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