It’s Monday, You Should Stay Home

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Are you having one of those days where you feel fine? You know, physically and mentally, everything is in good shape, but for whatever reason, you don’t feel like going to work?

You’re in luck, because it is Stay at Home Because You’re Well Day, which is surprisingly self-explanatory. It’s a day that will be particularly appreciated by people who played hookie in their younger days (that is, they felt fine, but skipped school anyway). Ah, the memories.

Now, I am not advocating skipping work. No, this is a day about being honest. Call your place of work and say “I need the day off, because I’m feeling really well.” Your employers will be so appreciative of your blatant honesty that they will fully support your glorified mental health day.If you do decide to go to work  today, well let’s get busy!   Join us this morning at 5:30 as we get your day going with traffic and weather with more fun and music!

Have a great Monday!

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