Good Thursday!

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Brrr…It’s chilly this morning!  Had to break out a jacket for the first time!  Someone suggested to me yesterday to buy a snuggie thing for my chihuahua’s since it’s starting to get cold here in the Mother Lode.   I’m thinking, they might run away if I did that to them, what do you think?  Does this dog look happy?  I think not!


Okay, let’s get this day going…It’s Oatmeal day, check out my blog all about oats and stuff.  We’ll have more creepy fun on the show getting you ready for the big scary Halloween Saturday Night!

The Mystery Word of the Day is “PICKLE”.  When you hear either me or Bridgette say the word, be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 and win a trip to the KKBN Prize Den!

Join us today for The Impossible Question, Bridgette’s Country Buzz, Birthdays and more fun and music!

Have a great day!

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