Pet Of The Week (09/27/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet of The Week: Wheeters!


Big Joe and Bridgette,

Well here we are again! No not another black angus heifer, but this time it’s Cody’s Guinea Pig “Wheeters”, or as the family calls her “Weed Eaters!”

Cody has had Wheeters since she was 4 mos. old. He received her as an award for caring for a baby jack rabbit that his dad rescued in an old well and nursed it back to health and then letting it go when the rabbit was big and strong enough. Wheeters is definitely part of the family and always greets us when we come home from the end of the day by letting out loud, high pitched “wheats!” She is an Abysinian cross. Cody also loves to drive her around in his big Tonka Trucks out in the backyard. She might not agree with it, but she’ll tolerate it for Cody.

By the way, Baby Bridgette is hanging out with all the big cows now and doing great! She’ll still come up to you and give you a big ole’ lick on the face with her big ole’ wet heifer tongue! She’ll be with us forever and we’ll get to raise her children and possibly grandchildren within the years.


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