Gettin’ Thin In 2010 (Week 6)

So far Big Joe has lost 24lbs!

Good Mornin’ Mother Lode! Time for another fun Friday and kicking off week 6 of my Gettin’ Thin In 2010 plan!  This mornings weigh in was a wee bit disappointing for me.  I only lost 1 pound!  Which brings my total to 24lbs!  I know, I should be happy I didn’t gain any weight, so it was a good day after all.  be sure to stay focused and remember if you slip, it’s okay, just get right back on the Gettin’ Thin In 2010 Plan!  Join us next week for another live weigh in at 7:20!

Also this is a special morning on The Cabin, today is our first Friday’s Friend Friday!  Jenny Souza will be our guest from 7-8am.  Be sure to join us for the fun and be sure to send us your email to  Tell us in 93.5 words or less why you want to be KKBN’s Friday’s Friend.

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