John Yazel

Birthday:  A long time ago…in a galaxy far away

Birthplace:  Lake Tahoe

Year started at KKBN:  2018

First radio job:  After an illustrious high school career as a DJ at my hometown roller rink, I got into “the biz” at KVHS and KWUN in the San Francisco East Bay at the ripe age of 18, yes…I had two jobs! I really liked being on the Radio and still do!

Interests/Hobbies:  Golf, Snow Skiing, Hiking, BBQ

First job:  Making Biscuits at KFC

Most memorable career moment: As a kid of the 80’s I was lucky enough to get into radio and meet many of the artists I loved. But I could never get backstage to meet Van Halen. I tried and tried but a backstage pass was never to be had.

Then one day I got the call “John, if you can make it to Reno tomorrow you can get backstage and meet the band”! So my morning show co-host and afternoon jock packed into my truck and braved a blizzard over Highway 80, being stuck in the snow for a couple of hours and finally….RENO and my chance to meet Eddie, Alex, Mike and Sammy!

Before we go to the show we slip into a 7-11 to get something to drink…my friend runs into someone he knows…”What are you doing here?” he asked. My friend responds…”We came to see Van Halen”. His friend looking perplexed says “Didn’t you hear? They couldn’t get here in the storm, they CANCELLED!” All I could say was “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

So that night was spent on a couch at my friends fathers house and not meeting the band or Valerie Bertinelli. And since we were all underage we couldn’t even go to a casino. Although I did get to meet them a few years later, that was an adventure I won’t forget…nor was the speeding ticket I got driving home.

One thing listeners would be surprised to learn about you:  Ummmm, that would ruin the surprise.

Favorite getaway spot:  Lake Tahoe

Favorite books:  I love true crime and historical fiction. Stephen Hunter is my favorite fictional author…Point of Impact, which you may know was made into a movie and tv show “Shooter”.

Favorite current TV shows:  The Goldbergs

Favorite all-time TV show:  WKRP in Cincinnati