Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest!

Good Morning Mother Lode!

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to announce our first winner of  “The Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest”!

Her name is Lynn Tadrowski from the great state of Georgia!  Thanks Lynn for being brave enough to send in your Monday Morning Picture!  You’ll be receiving a fantastic prize from KKBN!

frbnday09 084

Wow, what a scary Monday morning picture, but exactly what we’re looking for!  It is Halloween month you know!   Now, who’s next?  Who will be brave enough to snap that Monday morning pic right when you wake up and send to Big Joe & Bridgette’s Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest?

Email them to bigjoemarshall@mlode.com attention to:

Big Joe and Bridgette’s Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest!  We’ll feature the worst of the worst every Monday Morning and the winner win’s a great prize!

The Mystery Word for the day is ” SPANK” !  Be the 3rd caller when you hear the word during the 7am hour and win!  Have the best Monday ever!

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