Weird Cold Remedies


CURING A SINUS HEADACHE WITH ELECTRIC EELS — The ancient Greeks believed that an aching head could be cured with a shock from an electric eel.

CURE A FEVER WITH THE OL’ ONION FOOT — In Canada and the US, some believe that placing onions on a child’s feet will draw a fever out of the body.

CURING COLD SORES WITH EAR WAX — Some North Americans believe that cold sores can be cured by applying your own ear wax to them.

CURE A COUGH BY GREASING UP YOUR FEET — Another bizarre North American folk cure for a cough involves greasing up your feet in Vick’s Vapo Rub then throwing on a pair of thick socks. Of course, Vicks does not endorse this method.

CURE MALARIA AND ARACHNOPHOBIA AT THE SAME TIME — In the UK, tablets of compressed spider’s webs were used to cure Malaria. In some cases, patients were told to eat the actual spider while it was alive!