Halloween Time!

Top Halloween Costumes for 2011

Now that October has arrived and Halloween is just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what costume to wear this year. The International Business Times put together a list of what it believes the top 10 Halloween costumes will be this year, guided by input from leading industry sources:

  1. Zombie — IBT cited an industry leader saying zombies are the new vampires, in part because of the hit AMC cable TV show The Walking Dead.
  2. Captain America — Star of a summer blockbuster movie this year.
  3. Don Draper — From AMC’s hit show Mad Men
  4. Charlie Sheen — No explanation needed after Sheen’s crazy meltdown of a year.
  5. Frankie Stein — From Mattel’s Monster High franchise.
  6. Thor — The star of another summer blockbuster movie this year.
  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger — The former California governor left office and fell into a scandal involving him fathering a now 13-year-old boy with the family’s maid.
  8. Anthony Weiner — Weiner’s very bad year involved him stepping down from office after tweeting sexual photos and messages to women who weren’t his wife — and having a sex scandal while carrying that unfortunate last name.
  9. Ron Paul — The perennial GOP presidential candidate has helped make his libertarian ideas that once were viewed as loopy gain popularity.
  10. Amy Winehouse — Winehouse is gone, but homage can be paid on Halloween, including with a wig based on her fabulous beehive hairdo.

Top 5 Halloween Hotels

Looking for a really scary place to get away this weekend?

The Bates Motel, California: This mother-and-son-run motel is ideally located for travelers looking for a stop-off between Arizona and California. The son is very attentive and prices have been slashed for the Halloween weekend. Just don’t use the shower.

The Overlook Hotel, Colorado: The Overlook is a grand old hotel that offers privacy, isolation and potential insanity. Built on an ancient Indian burial ground, it offers many new experiences. Watch out for the slightly overzealous caretaker – it will take more than a lock and a ‘do not disturb’ sign to stop him carrying out his chores.

Backpacker Hostel, Slovakia: Americans and Europeans alike enjoy activities such as spa, torture, sauna, abuse and a late check out – although the backpackers rarely check out on time anyway.

The Sedgewick Hotel, New York: Following extensive re-modeling of the 12th floor, The Sedgewick is back in business! The hotel would like to deny all rumors of ghosts inhabiting the hotel and eating guest’s meals. The ballroom is also expected to be available for hire again soon for bookings following ‘planned’ refurbishment.

Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey: Initially closed in 1957 following the tragic death of a young boy who drowned in the lake the camp had an attempted re-opening in 1980 which proved unsuccessful due to a number of machete related accidents (claiming the lives of all of the camp workers). The Camp is once again open and offering special rates on Fridays for attractive but slightly stupid teenagers.