KKBN Hard Working Man(04.06.16)



John Knigge

I would like to nominate my dad John Knigge for the hard working man. 4 years ago he suffered a blood clot that almost killed him, he since then retired from his job at the local prison and started working part time at Lowe’s. He’s always been there for both my sisters and I, our children and if course or mother. He is one of the hardest working people I know, working rain or shine, helping everyone he meets. I want him to know how much he means to us and he should be proud of himself pushing through a life threatening illness.


Joshua Green



The KKBN Hard Working Man is brought to you :

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“ Nate’s Tree Service, serving all tri counties! No job too big, no job too small”

KKBN Pet of The Week(04.05.16)


Hello, We are Tula May and Bailey. We are 7 year old twins (Tula May is a few minutes older than Bailey, so she thinks she is the boss)! We live with our older sister Mia and our guard, Brody. We enjoy sitting on our Dada’s shoulder and rooting for the 49ers! Our Mama takes us on nice walks. When we get tired, she puts us in our stroller. We hope to be KKBN’s Pets of the Week!

Tula May & Bailey