KKBN Pet of The Week(12.12.17)

 This is Zoey. She’s a 9 year old Quarter horse mare. She’s one of the best horses I’ve ridden. My girl Zoey was boarded at a facility that I was working at. A little hot headed red dun. Her owner didn’t ride her much anymore due to lack of time and previous incident. Zoey wouldn’t even let me touch her. A lot of the ladies at the barn called her crazy and had lost hope. But I didn’t believe she was crazy. I started working with her and Her owner gave her to me. So I Re-trained her and She is a completely different horse now!! Great with kids, very respectful. I’ve had her for almost 2 years, and they have been some of the best years I’ve ever had!


Katie High



Best Holiday Song EVER?

You decide. A scientist from the Boston Conservatory claims he has created “the perfect Christmas song” after doing a whole lot of homework researching the themes of over 200 Christmas songs.

Musicologist Joe Bennett says he studied the lyrics, tempo, musical key, and vocals of the songs to come up with his own tune, “Love’s Not Just For Christmas.” He confides that holiday songs often have eight common themes: home; love; lost love; parties; Santa/his reindeer; snow/snowmen; religion; and peace on Earth. The song, recorded by the London Community Gospel Choir, mentions the word “Christmas” 21 times along with sleigh bells and numerous other holiday references, as you will notice when you click into it. While you are not likely to hear the song performed live here, the choir that recorded it is making the rounds of UK shopping centers to sing it throughout the holiday season.

KKBN Hard Working Man(11.06.17)

Petty Officer 3rd Class Shawn Coville Jr.  aka Buddy Coville

My husband is currently serving in the Navy he’s always been such a hard worker from the time he learned to use a tool, he’s the sweetest most caring man I’ve met, he’s always willing to drop what he’s doing to help someone out, he works hard day and night to provide for our little family, no matter how tired he is after work, he makes time to help out around the house and to teach his little brother to work on vehicles. He’s definitely a hard working man in mine and our families eyes. He’s loved by everyone he meets. I love you honey,



Note:  He returns home on leave this week from deployment off the Nimitz


Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″


 “Nates Tree Service serving all tri counties No job too big no job too small”


 And Suburban Propane 1-800-PROPANE in Jamestown “Their business is customer satisfaction!”



 Pinnell’s Carpet One Floor & Home

pinellslogocall 694-4253


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Dad Shares The 10 Most Important Things He’s Learned Since Losing His Son

10 Most Important Things I Have Learnt Since Losing My Son
Picture from: Facebook / Richard Pringle

Story from: SunnySkyz

Richard Pringle’s three-year-old son Hughie had a serious brain condition that doctors believed was manageable. However, Hughie suffered a brain hemorrhage last year that he did not survive.

Since his son’s passing, Richard has realized more than ever how precious life is and wants to help other parents appreciate the time they still have with their children.

The 10 Most Important Things I’ve Learnt Since Losing My Son

1. You can never ever kiss and love too much.

2. You always have time. Stop what you’re doing and play, even if it’s just for a minute. Nothing’s that important that it can’t wait.

3. Take as many photos and record as many videos as humanly possible. One day that might be all you have.

4. Don’t spend money, spend time. You think what you spend matters? It doesn’t. What you do matters. Jump in puddles, go for walks. Swim in the sea, build a camp and have fun. That’s all they want. I can’t remember what we bought Hughie I can only remember what we did.

5. Sing. Sing songs together. My happiest memories are of Hughie sitting on my shoulders or sitting next to me in the car singing our favourite songs. Memories are created in music.

6. Cherish the simplest of things. Night times, bedtimes, reading stories. Dinners together. Lazy Sundays. Cherish the simplest of times. They are what I miss the most. Don’t let those special times pass you by unnoticed.

7. Always kiss those you love goodbye and if you forget. Go back and kiss them. You never know if it’s the last time you’ll get the chance.

8. Make boring things fun. Shopping trips, car journeys, walking to the shops. Be silly, tell jokes, laugh, smile and enjoy yourselves. They’re only chores if you treat them like that. Life is too short not to have fun.

9. Keep a journal. Write down everything your little ones do that lights up your world. The funny things they say, the cute things they do. We only started doing this after we lost Hughie. We wanted to remember everything. Now we do it for Hettie and we will for Hennie too. You’ll have these memories written down forever and when your older you can look back and cherish every moment.

10. If you have your children with you. To kiss goodnight. To have breakfast with. To walk to school. To take to university. To watch get married. You are blessed. Never ever forget that.

KKBN Pet of The Week(11.05.17)

These two handsome young men are Milk stain and Twitch. Both are rescues, Milk stain (the tubby black and white) i have had since he was 6 weeks old and Twitch (the small black one) since he was 2 1/2 months old. They both love to cuddle with my fiancé and I and are absolute love bugs. They have the best personality and are so different, but we love them both so much. They have stick together thru thick and thin even with the devastating loss of my long time best friend Oreo who passed away last year on November 8th, 2016 at the age of 15. She mothered both boys, it was just her nature to love and mother everything and everyone and they were devastated like the rest of us for months. But with their constant love and cuddles we able to overcome the heartbreak. So is like to nominate these two amazing felines for the pet of the week award!


Thank you,

Brianna Kearney