KKBN Hard Working Man(10.12.16)


Tj Porter
Tj is my husband and he is a logger, I could not be more proud to call him mine. He goes to work before the sun rises, and puts his 12 to 16 hours without ever complaining. No matter how brutal the outside heat is during work or how distracting the cold rain, he comes home to 2 kids and still makes time for them and me ad he is always making time for family an friends with working 7dys a week


Jazper Porter


The KKBN Hard Working Man is brought to you :

 “Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″


“ Nate’s Tree Service, serving all tri counties! No job too big, no job too small”

KKBN Pet of The Week(10.11.16)


This is fluffy. He is a 2 year old Argentine black and white tegu.  He is puppy dog tame and loves to be held. He is 39inches head to tail. Loves his furry cat and dog friends. He thinks he is one of them. He is very spoiled. He gives kisses all the time. Couldn’t ask for a better pet. Definitely like a child to me.



Matthew Zittleman


The KKBN Pet of The Week is Brought to you by COLUMBIA HOUSE RESTAURANT On Main Street Columbia!  Mention this ad when you order and receive 1 of 2 breakfast or lunch specials for just 7.99.  Fresh Food from scratch Like Grandma used to make!

Don’t Complain If You Don’t Vote

With Election Day around the corner, The Brothers Osborne are among the country artists making a point that if you haven’t registered to do your patriotic duty yet — take 1:34 seconds and DO IT! If you are a California resident eligible to register — and to update your voter registration info, you can even do it online (in your pajamas or whatever) by clicking here.