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KKBN Pet of The Week(12.09.14)

Posted on | December 9, 2014


Big Joe and Bridgette,

This is Brodie. He is 7 months old and ready to celebrate his first Christmas. He already loves the holidays and thinks everything on our Christmas tree is for him to play with. Isn’t he handsome?

Amber M. (Brentwood, CA)


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KKBN Hard Working Man(12.03.14)

Posted on | December 3, 2014


Hi Big Joe and Bridget, my name is Michele Parsons, daughter of Ray Parsons and my mom, my sister and I would like to nominate him for the hard working man award. My dad has been a firefighter for 30 years now, he is currently working in Don Pedro at the Blanchard fire station and is very well known in the community. He loves his job and often works 72 hour shifts. He is always helping others with anything they need, while also helping his family. My dad has always been the go to man when anyone needs something fixed he can always fix it, and won’t quit until its fixed, in the picture above (my dad is on the right) he is helping fix a truck. My dad has always been my rock and has helped support me in everything i do, my schooling, my sports, no matter what it is i know he will always be there, and i want to do something to appreciate him for everything he does. 

Michele Parsons


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KKBN Pet of The Week(12.02.14)

Posted on | December 2, 2014


Hi there! Our dog Faith came to us last year after her owner could no longer keep her. My son brought her home (his 2nd “rescue”). We were hesitant at first, but quickly realized what an awesome dog she is. She has the silliest personality, and puts up with our other dogs anxiety, and the cats constantly harassing her. She gets up from a nap with “bed ears”. When we come home she greets us with a guilty smile on her face, like she has done something wrong. We couldn’t imagine not having her now!

Thank you,
Sarah Stearns


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KKBN Hard Working Man(11.26.14)

Posted on | November 26, 2014


Justin Ramos
I met my hard working man 10 months ago. Justin is a cabinet maker by day, and by night he is a jack of many trades. He starts his day at 5am, and before he does anything that morning, he tells me that he loves me.

When he gets home from working a long day, he gets right to work at home. He built me a whole new fence and landscaped the courtyard of my house. Whenever anything breaks and I mean anything, he can fix it. My washing machine, my electrical gadgets, my oven thingy mabob, anything. Along with being a hard working man, he is also a hard working dad.

He is a single dad to a four year old little girl. He is always there for her, and he is showing her early on how to be a good handy woman. She helps him when he’s building stuff, holding the tools for him, and cleaning up the garage as he goes. She often tells me with a power tool in hand, “I’m a good fixer, like my dad.” In addition to being physically hard working, he is mentally hard working as well.

He is always thinking of ways to be the best boyfriend I could ask for. He definitely goes above and beyond in this category. He tells me how much he appreciates me, and everything I do on a daily basis. He says as I’m leaving the garage, “Hey. I have to talk to you about something important.” As he pulls me close he asks, “Have I told you that I love you today?” I never feel unappreciated. He is very open, and we can tell each other anything. He is always working on his communication skills, and helping me to communicate and open up as well, since this isn’t my strong suit.

On Sunday when I am cleaning the house, he always helps me. Often doing a better job than I do. Sometimes when I come home from work, the kitchen is clean and he has BBQed something delicious for me. He is an expert BBQer. He takes such good care of me. I feel that it’s very hard to find someone that is hard working at work and at home and he does both perfectly. Everyday I am with him feels like I live in a romantic comedy, and he is my Ryan Gosling.

Justin works hard at every aspect of his life, which in turn puts a lot of pressure on him to be perfect. He is definitely perfect in my eyes. I couldn’t ask for a better hard working man!!!


Christiana Lewis



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KKBN Pet of The Week(11.25.14)

Posted on | November 25, 2014



Dear Big Joe and Bridgette,
I would like to nominate my two Boxers, Hana and Dolce, for pet of the week.  Hana is 10 1/2 years old and is thankful that she was adopted from a shelter and has been with us for 10 years!  She is thankful for he spins like a kangaroo.  Hana’s nickname is “Hana Jo Banana”.  WE are thankful to have both these silly girls in our life!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Marie Tiraschi


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