KKBN Hard Working Man(5.25.16)


Zachary Rose
I want to nominate my husband Zachary for the hardworking man contest because he goes above and beyond to provide for our family. Zachary works in organ donation and contributes to saving a life every day that he works. He works 12 1/2 hours shifts and commutes 3+ hours a day from Oakdale to the Bay Area. He is the sole provider of our home and although he has to sacrifice so much time with our family, he has given me the opportunity to raise our children and to finish my education. He never complains and although I know he’s exhausted on his days off, he is up bright and early with our children, soaking up every moment he can with them. Our children Caleb 4, Aria 2, and Allison 9 weeks, light up when he walks into the room. We are so blessed to have such a hard working man in our lives and he deserves to be recognized for all that he does today and every day.

Courtney Rose


The KKBN Hard Working Man is brought to you :

 “Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″


“ Nate’s Tree Service, serving all tri counties! No job too big, no job too small”

Take a Hike!

The Mother Lode has many opportunities to get outside and explore.

For ideas: Click Here

Here are some pictures from my weekend hikes.

View from Table Mountain

View of Melones Lake from Table Mountain

hike 3t

Table Mountain Wildflowers

hike 2

Wild Chamomile

Pinecrest Lake

At Pinecrest Lake

KKBN Pet of The Week(5.24.16)


Good evening,

Our office staff would like to nominate Oliver T. Payne aka Ollie the Payne as Pet of the Week. Ollie is a dedicated companion,  hard-working piebald dachshund who accompanies his human each day to the office. Ollie’s job requires traveling by car to several county offices as well as his own. At the Tuolumne County Recorder’s Office, Ollie arrives each morning ready to greet all employees. He walks to each of our desks and says hello by wagging his tail and sniffing the entire area under our desks (never know when you may find a yummy morsel). Then he heads to his own desk to work with his human. When he is not busy swiping correctional tape from the top drawer or pulling the calculator tape from the adding machines, he makes himself useful guarding his human or watches the goings on in the courthouse park out the window. Sometimes life is just too busy for him so he will catch a short nap in his human’s brief case or his assigned desk drawer. Ollie brings much joy to our office and we enjoy seeing him each day of the week.

We think Ollie’s a winner and hope you do as well.  Go Oliver T. Payne!!!

Carol Jackson

KKBN Hard Working Man(5.18.16)


Matthew Conley
I would like my dad Matthew Conley to be nominated because he has always done whatever it took to provide for his family,still even now working 2 jobs,6 days a week,sometimes 15 hour days. He started working at Heron Doors when he was 20 and worked his way up to shop foreman for 17 yrs.till they closed doors. At that time he went to school and got his trucking license so that he could work,and is still employed with a great company in town called Eldorado Septic, He not only drives the dump truck,there are many long days hes digging in dirt with a shovel for hours,not to mention all the nights and weekends hes called into work for someones septic emergency and he does it without hesitation or complaining. Its not a fun job he does for a living and im sure this was not what he thought he would be doing for work at his age 50,but he does it with style, grace,and a happy face, That man has showed me the meaning of how important it is to have good work ethics,and how to give 100% in doing that job, no matter what job it is,do it right! He went without many of times  over the years,but made sure our mother and us 5 kids never did,and is still working hard to do what it takes…

Crystal Johnson

The KKBN Hard Working Man is brought to you :

 “Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″


“ Nate’s Tree Service, serving all tri counties! No job too big, no job too small”