Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Yes, it’s Monday!   As you drag your behind out of bed this morning and ponder “What in the world did I do this weekend?”  Here’s something I hope you will do.

Grab a camera and snap a picture of yourself right now and send it to us!  Don’t be shy, we’ll even go first!

Here’s our Monday morning pictures. (Bridgette’s going to be mad at me)  Now it’s your turn!

Email them to bigjoemarshall@mlode.com attention to:

Big Joe and Bridgette’s Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest!  We’ll feature the worst of the worst every Monday Morning and the winner win’s a great prize!

UPDATE: Bridgette has threatened my life if I did not take down her picture, so instead we’ll put this one up!



big joe morning 1

Big Joe

Snap away!  Plus don’t forget our website only daily contest!  The Mystery Word for the day is ” Whacked” !  Be the 3rd caller when you hear the word during the 7am hour and win!  We’re going to have the best Monday ever, we hope you do as well!


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies…and some guys.  Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The Makeup Timeline.

Most women have drawers full of old cosmetics. Here’s a definite timeline on when you need to toss:

    * Unopened makeup – 3 years
    * Makeup sponge – 1 week
    * Loose and pressed powder – 1-2 years
    * Shimmer powder – 1 year
    * Liquid and cream foundation – 3-6 months
    * Concealer – 3-6 years
    * Cream blush – 6-12 months
    * Powder blush – 1-3 years
    * Mascara – 3-6 months
    * Liquid eyeliner – 6 months
    * Eye shadow – 1-3 years
    * Lip and eyeliners – 1-2 years
    * Lip gloss – 1-2 years
    * Moisturizers – 6-12 months
    * Blemish gel – 6 months
    * Nail polish – 1 year
    * Fragrances – 3 years

Good Morning, It’s FRIDAY! NASA is Blowing up the Moon!

Good Morning Mother Lode! Have you heard the latest?  NASA is attacking the MOON!  Here’s the story! MOON GOES BOOM!

This morning’s mystery word is Fondue. When you hear us say the word in the 7am hour be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 for a great  KKBN prize!  This is a website contest only!

We’ll play Bridgette’s favorite game ” Guess What’s in Big Joe’s Pocket” this morning too!  She’s so lucky!

Don’t forget to join us tonight at 7:15 for Summerville Bears Football! Guy Dossi and Rory Anderson take to the airwaves on KKBN with all the action.  Your Bears take on Mariposa here at home.  The games is also streamed online at MyMotherLode.

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