3 Things to Never Ignore


from Health Magazine

• The pimple. Yes, it could be an actual pimple, but it could also be basal-cell carcinoma — a slow-growing form of SKIN CANCER. So how can you tell the difference between a pimple and something more serious? If the pimple’s actually basal-cell carcinoma, it usually has a pearly appearance when light shines on it, and you can see tiny blood vessels around the base of the pimple. So if you have a pimple that looks suspicious — or won’t go away — see your dermatologist. Basal-cell carcinoma is 95% treatable when caught early.

• Next, don’t ignore: Nosebleeds. If you get them, that may be a tip off that you have high blood pressure and need to get it checked! High blood pressure can cause nose bleeds because the small vessels in the nose have tiny cracks, and the high pressure pushes blood out of them. In fact, in one study, almost 20% of people treated for high blood pressure emergencies at the hospital had nosebleeds. So if you’re getting out-of-the-blue nosebleeds, see your doctor.

• One more small symptom you should never ignore: Leg pain. Yes, it could be a cramp, but it could also signal a HEART PROBLEM. The first sign of a clogged circulatory system is often leg pain – not chest pain – because the legs’ longer blood vessels become blocked by plaque earlier. If the blood vessels are blocked, less oxygen gets to the muscles in your legs – which is why you feel pain. So if you have unexplained pain in your calves, thighs, or feet – and it gets worse when you exercise – it’s time to make a doctor’s appointment.

What Teachers Wish You Knew

Here in the Mother Lode kids have been in school a couple of months now.   They’ve settled into this years routine of classes and now it’s time to let you know Mom & Dad, what ‘Teacher’s Wish You Knew:  Click the Pic


Photo by: Maartje van Caspel

National Babbling Day

National Babbling Day — Even if no one else is in the room, go ahead and yak away. You’re not crazy — a recent study shows that talking to yourself is great for your mental health. Swedish psychotherapist Per Naroskin says babbling to no one forces you to listen to yourself. As a result, you’ll develop talents you never knew existed, sleep better and work more efficiently. The solo chat is even more effective, says the author of “The Benefits Of Talking Loudly To Oneself,” if the tongue-wagger uses kooky accents and funny voices. Too shy to vocalize alone? Speak to your pet, a plant, your car or, like Tom Hanks in “Castaway,” to a volleyball.

Tuesday’s Top Ten

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It’s Tuesday and time for the Big Joe & Bridgette Top 10 List!   We’ll find out what the Top 10 costumes our kids will be wearing this Halloween in the Mother Lode!  Here’s the list!

1. Lady Bug

2. Soldier

3. Jason

4. Banana Suit

5. Carmen Miranda

6. Angel

7. Skeleton Bride

8. Snow White

9. Soccer Zombie

10. Fancy Pirate

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Worst Monday Morning Picture Contest!

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frbnday09 084

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