Tiger By The Tail

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So…how would you like to be Tiger waking up this morning? Being outed with not one, not two, but THREE mistresses.  I wonder if he’ll have a bowl of Wheaties this morning (of course with his picture on the box) and think about the future.  I wonder if his sponsors are reconsidering the huge paychecks for endorsements. $40 million alone from Nike.  His sponsors are mostly corporate, not really “family man” oriented, so my guess is, most will stick with him.  As far as fans, well that might be a much different outcome.  He without a doubt is the best golfer in the world, but his standing on being a role model just fell off the charts!

So how does he recover?  Read his statement here.

We’ll chat about that and more this morning on the show.  We’ll get you ready for this weekend’s Mother Lode fun!   The Wildcats are in the playoffs on Friday and Santa Claus is coming to town on Saturday and we’ll make sure you have the weather and traffic to get your day going!  Be sure to tune in starting at 5:30!

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Big Joe Goes To The Doctor

Big Joe_Doc-13

Okay…I talked about it yesterday.  I went to the Doctor and had that ” man procedure” to look inside my bladder with a scope!  Ouch!  It was not the most fun I’ve ever had on a Tuesday afternoon, but necessary.   I was pleased that the Doctor allowed me to take a few pics for the website to share with you.   Check out the pics here!

So guys…if you’re having some issues with your plumbing as minor as it may seem, be a big boy and have it checked out!  Looks like I have a Kidney stone!  Can’t wait til I can take a few pics of that operation to show you!

Goodie Of The Week

Good Morning Mother Lode!

One Good Deed

Time to announce this week’s Goodie Of The Week Award Winner!  Congratulations to Larry Hobson , nominated for his good deeds! (Read the letter below).  He wins a gift certificate from J.S. West Ace Hardware in Sonora!

I would like to nominate Larry Hobson for the work that he does. I am a Care Provider & have been for 41/2 years. I took care of both of my parents until my dad’s Diabetes & Alzheimer got so bad that I could no longer take care of him. I had to put him in a nursing home so he could get the help he needed. Before I put my dad in a nursing home, Larry helped me out with my dad. Once my dad went into a nursing home my mom than moved in with us, which it will be 4 years in March of 2010. Larry than lost his job as an Automotive Service Manager in January 2008. Since Larry has been out of a job, he has been helping me. Even though my dad is in a nursing home I still have to go to the home for care meetings with the nurses. My mother had to start Dialysis September of 2008, she goes 3 days a week to Sonora. Plus she gets her Allergy shot every 3rd Monday of the month & she has her Family practice doctor once a month & her Neurologist once a month. I also have had a couple of meetings to go to with the I.H.S.S. (In Home Supportive Services). So if I have a meeting with I.H.S.S. or have to go to Stockton for my dad, Larry will take my mom to Dialysis or to her doctor appointments. Or he will go down to Stockton to the care meeting for my dad. I am the youngest of 4 children & I get more help from Larry than I do from my 3 siblings. I know I can always count on him if I need a helping hand.

Tuesday’s Top Ten

Good Morning Mother Lode!

How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled?  Great!  Check this out!

Let’s get your day started with things you need to know!

1885: Although the exact date is unknown, the U.S. Patent Office acknowledged December 1st, 1885 as the first day Dr. Pepper was served.



• Hopefully, the fourth time will be the charm for Tom Arnold. He was married last weekend in Maui.
• David Hasselhoff is back home after being hospitalized for two days for something his agent won’t discuss. We have our guesses.
• Meanwhile, the ex-Mrs. Hasselhoff, Pamela Bach, was arrested on suspicion of DUI Saturday night.
• In 2007, 63% of college students said they would move back in with their parents after graduation until they found work. This year 69 percent of college students said they would move back.
• Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have split. Unless you believe their reps, who insist they are still together.
• Chelsea Clinton is engaged to be married to her longtime boyfriend, investment banker Marc Mezvinsky.
• Chris Brown will go into details on “20/20” December 11th.
• That little 5-year-old North Carolina girl that was kidnapped and killed: basketball’s Shaquille O’Neal is picking up the tab for the funeral.
• Saturday Night Live is going to do three live December shows: Blake Lively will host with musical guest Rihanna on December 5, Taylor Lautner and Bon Jovi on December 12th and James Franco as host with musical guest Muse on December 19.

Today is also National Soup Day!  Nothing like a hot cup of soup and today we’ll find out the Mother Lode’s Top Ten Favorite Soups!

1.  Potato

2. Chili

3. Carrot Ginger Butter-nut Squash Creme

4. French Onion

5. Minestrone

6.  Bean & Bacon

7. Watercress

8. Menudo

9. Split Pea

10. Tortilla