Good Thursday!

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Brrr…It’s chilly this morning!  Had to break out a jacket for the first time!  Someone suggested to me yesterday to buy a snuggie thing for my chihuahua’s since it’s starting to get cold here in the Mother Lode.   I’m thinking, they might run away if I did that to them, what do you think?  Does this dog look happy?  I think not!


Okay, let’s get this day going…It’s Oatmeal day, check out my blog all about oats and stuff.  We’ll have more creepy fun on the show getting you ready for the big scary Halloween Saturday Night!

The Mystery Word of the Day is “PICKLE”.  When you hear either me or Bridgette say the word, be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 and win a trip to the KKBN Prize Den!

Join us today for The Impossible Question, Bridgette’s Country Buzz, Birthdays and more fun and music!

Have a great day!

Thursday is Oatmeal Day!

Granny & Joey

(Big Joe and Granny)

” Eat your oatmeal, it’s good for you”!  I can hear my Granny now, telling me and my brothers as she added the sugar, butter and milk to our bowls.  Sometimes she’d throw in raisins!   Yummy!  We always wondered why the Quaker guy on the box wore a wig.  Oatmeal has come  along way since those days back in Mississippi.   Now you can buy twenty different flavors and they even come in breakfast bars!   My favorite these days is maple and brown sugar with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Trust me, you’ll love me for that one.   Oatmeal makes me think of family, so  I called Mom and asked if she had a recipe  for oatmeal.  She was pleased to send this reply:

Tired of the same old oatmeal? Try my recipe for a change. In a quart microwavable bowl, pour 1/2 cup of quick cooking oats( Not Instant) and 1 cup of water. To this, add  8 or 10 raisins, a handful of chopped walnuts and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Remove and add 1/2 cup of skim milk. Stir well. Add Splenda to taste, a drop or two of vanilla flavoring and a tsp. of cinnamon. Sometime, when I don’t feel like “dieting”, I add a tsp. of peanut butter before I add the milk. Yum!!!

Thanks Mom!

Now I have a great list for you!


Wait! Before you pour the kids a bowl of cereal, check out this list of the worst kids cereals. (Ranked worst to least worst.)

  1. Reese’s Puffs (worst)
  2. Corn Pops
  3. Lucky Charms
  4. Golden Grahams
  5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  6. Cap’n Crunch
  7. Count Chocula
  8. Trix
  9. Froot Loops
  10. Smorz
  11. Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles
  12. Cocoa Puffs

The best kids cereals (ranked best to least best)

  1. Mini-Wheats
  2. Organic Wild Puffs
  3. Honey Sunshine
  4. Mighty Bites
  5. Clifford Crunch
  6. Hannah Montana
  7. Life
  8. Kix
  9. Cherrios (except Honey Nut)
  10. Puffins
  11. EnviroKids Organic
  12. Bunnies

Here’s more about Oatmeal Day!

National Oatmeal Day

Oatmeal is an extremely healthy, versatile food that can be eaten any time of the day. It is perfect for breakfast because it is very filling and it’s great as a snack because it does not have too many calories! And don’t forget about oatmeal cookies which are a yummy treat to have for dessert.

Here’s an oatmeal related tidbit: the Quaker Oats Man is one of the oldest advertising mascots in America. He became the first registered trademark for this breakfast cereal in 1877 and was purposely made to reflect the Quaker faith and its values of honesty, integrity, and purity. The Quakers tried to have their association with the Quaker Oats cereal removed, but they lost the court battle.

Enjoy National Oatmeal Day and celebrate its history and tastiness!

35 Awesome Tombstones!


Okay, no one likes to talk about it, but we all DIE!   When I do, I want to leave a special message behind for all to see for years to come!     Click the Banner to see what  awesome messages others before you, left behind!

What would your epitaph say?

Goodie Of The Week Wednesday

Good Morning Mother Lode!


One Good Deed

I would like to nominate John Childe of Copperopolis, Ca. This man is a retired fireman/paramedic. Last Friday an elderly man (80 years old) lost control of is motorcycle in front of our house, I believe a stray dog was in the road and he tried to miss it. Apparently he flew over the front of the  bike. When my husband and I got to the scene of the accident my husband was calling 911, John Childe was on his was to the store when he came upon the accident. The accident victim had stood up and was taking off his helmet, John told the man to leave his helmet on and to please sit down. The man sat down but he took off his helmet off, John acted fast by holding his hands around the victims neck until paramedics arrived.
Later we found out the victim had broke his neck, and if John had not held his neck until the paramedics arrived the elderly man could have died or been paralyzed. He had the same injury to his neck as Chris Reeves had.
I’m so glad John was there to help, had John not been there I’m sure the elderly gentleman’s out come would NOT have been as good as it has turned out to be.
Thank You
Natalie Serrano

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