Are You Happy?

What makes you happy?  Well, if you don’t know, it’s about time you get out from underneath that dark cloud and find out!  Here’s a few ways to reach that smiley face goal!

Pursuit of Happiness Week — What does it take to be truly happy and have feelings of joy permeate your everyday life? Six British experts have found what they say are 10 simple steps we can all take to make our lives happy, reports the BBC News. The team determined that the “seeds of happiness” are in this 10-point plan:

  1. Plant something and nurture it.
  2. Count your blessings — at least five — at the end of each day.
  3. Take time to talk. Have an hour-long conversation with a loved one each week.
  4. Phone a friend with whom you have not spoken for a while and arrange to meet up.
  5. Give yourself a treat every day and take the time to really enjoy it.
  6. Have a good laugh at least once a day.
  7. Get physical. Exercise for half an hour three times a week.
  8. Smile at and/or say hello to a stranger at least once each day.
  9. Cut your TV viewing by half.
  10. Spread kindness. Do a good turn for someone every day.

A study from the Mayo Clinic found optimists reported having better physical and emotional health. Doctor Toshihiko (toh-she-HEE’koh) Maruta (mar-OO’tuh) says the research is a follow-up to a study they did a couple years ago. He says the optimist also tends to live longer and better lives.

Tuesday’s Top Ten

Good Morning Mother Lode!

It’s Tuesday!  The Saints are still undefeated if you’re keeping up.   Hope you’re finally coming down off your sugar high and are a bit more adjusted to the new time!  It’s been a little tougher for me this year than previous years.  I find myself ready for bed at  at 7:00pm…weird.

Time for today’s Top Ten List from The Mother Lode.  Today is National Sandwich Day as you know if you’re listening to the show, so with your help this morning we’ll create The Mother Lode’s Top Ten Favorite Sandwiches!

1.  Monte Cristo- John from Stockton

2.  Tuna on Wheat w. Dijon mustard with a bazillion pickles- Dale

3.  Fried Bolagna- Ernie

4. After Thanksgiving Sandwich- Bus Driver Lady

5.  BLT- Samantha

6.  Ham & Cheese- Ann Marie

7.  Roast Beef- Sherry

8.  Turkey Avacodo on Whole Wheat-Jessica

9.  Tortise Sandwich eggs, leftover chicken mashed taters, fried in olive oil- Tony

10.  Peanut Butter, Miracle Whip & Onions- Wee Willie

BLT 500

This mornings Mystery Word Of The Day is ” Butterball”.  Be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 when you hear the word in the 7am hour and be a winner!  One more thing…be sure to log in and leave comments about your new KKBN website.  Let us know what you think.

Have a sandwich and a great day,


More Meat On Sandwiches

It’s National Sandwich Day

Okay, I’m all about a good sandwich!   But when it comes to choosing what type of bread, that’s where I get a little confused.  Wheat bread, white bread, nut bread, whole grain wheat white nut bread, the choices are mind boggling these days!  Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go in my book.  My Dad was a Marine and I remember he’d come home for lunch and Mom would make him a fried bologna and cheese sandwich with a bowl of bean and bacon soup.  Dad’s been gone a few years now, but sometimes when he’s on my mind, I’ll make a fried bologna and cheese sandwich and he’s right there with me.


The Club: Individuals who prefer the Club sandwich are often agreeable and unselfish. Club sandwich eaters are reliable and strongly devoted to work as well as relationships. The best words to describe those who prefer the club sandwich: committed and loyal. Club sandwich fans are most compatible with those who chose Club, BLT, or turkey.

Ham & Cheese: Ham and cheese sandwich lovers are curious and have a wide range of interests. They are most productive and creative when working alone without direct supervision. The best words to describe those who prefer the ham and cheese sandwich: thoughtful and inquisitive. Ham and cheese sandwich lovers are often independent without strong romantic ties.

Turkey: Those who prefer the turkey sandwich are free-thinkers. They function best when given space at work and in relationships. The best words to describe those who prefer the turkey sandwich: creative and rebellious. Turkey sandwich lovers are often attracted to other turkey sandwich lovers.

Tuna Salad: Tuna salad sandwich eaters are generally aggressive and achievement-oriented. They are natural leaders and driven to succeed in both work and personal relationships. The best words to describe those who prefer the tuna salad sandwich: competitive and successful. They are most romantically compatible with those who prefer egg salad and others who also like tuna salad.

Egg Salad: Egg salad enthusiasts are often the center of attention. They are entertaining and crave adventure. The best words to describe those who prefer egg salad sandwich: charming and energetic. Egg salad sandwich lovers are the “universal romantic” and they are often compatible with all sandwich lovers.

Chicken Salad: Individuals that prefer the chicken salad sandwich are well-adjusted and empathic. The best words to describe those who prefer chicken salad sandwich: easy-going and understanding. They are most romantically compatible with those preferring egg salad sandwiches.

Seafood Salad: Similar to those who prefer the Club sandwich, seafood salad sandwich fans are described as agreeable and unselfish. They seek comfort in close, secure relationships. The best words to describe those who prefer seafood sandwich: commitment and loyalty. They are most romantically compatible with those who prefer the BLT or seafood salad sandwich.

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato: BLT lovers are conscientious perfectionists. They are devoted in all areas of their lives: work, home and relationships. The best words to describe those who prefer the BLT sandwich: honest and full of integrity. BLT sandwich lovers are most compatible with those who prefer seafood salad sandwich.

Halloween Pics!

hunter richie halloween 09

My nephew Trey in Illinois, sent me a couple of pics of his sons Richie & Hunter in their Halloween costumes!  I was so pleased, I thought… I bet a lot of Mommies & Daddies right here at home took pictures of their kids.  So I encourage you to send us your favorite Halloween pics, so we can post here on the new website and share with everyone!  Send your pics to and keep checking back for your scary Halloween pics!